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All Dog Breeds October 11, 2017



One of the most sociable hounds, the beagle was bred as a pack hunter so seeks companionship, whether human or dog. It looks like a mini foxhound, solid built. Its small hard coat protects it from underbrush. Beagle’s moderate size help it to easily traverse trough terrain. The Beagle’s easily get along with other dogs. Its gentle, tolerant and makes an excellent child’s dog. It lovers to explore and is an enthusiastic trailer.The beagles are known for their melodious bay, which helps hunters trace it from a distance.

Beagles date back to 1500s. English hunters would carry them on hunt to track rabbits, hare, quail and other small animals. The breed most probably originated from Harrier Hound.

Breed Information

Other NamesEnglish Beagle
Life Span12-15 years
TemperamentFriendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving
HeightMale: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)
Female: 13-15 inches (33-38 cm)
WeightMale: 22-25 pounds (10-11 kg)
Female: 20-23 pounds (9-10 kg)
ColorsBlack and Tan
Litter Size2-14 puppies

Breed Characteristics

Child FriendlyGood with Kids: This is a suitable dog breed for kids. Playful, affectionate and engergetic
Dog FriendlyGood with other dogs
Exercise NeedsEnergetic and possess great stamina. Beagle needs lot of exercise, including daily walk
GroomingLow Maintenance: Beagles are easy-care dogs who don’t need a lot of fancy grooming
Health IssuesSome Beagles may face with these health challenges in their lives, but the most of them are healthy. Some health issues include hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism, among others.
IntelligenceBelow average: Low Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence
Shedding LevelModerate Shedding: Expect this dog to shed regularly. Be prepared to vacuum often. Brushing will reduce shedding as well as make the coat softer and cleaner
TrainabilityBelow average. Though they are hunting dogs, they are best suitable for home.
Watchdog AbilityLow

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